Wholesale Candle Supplies: Where to Find Them and What to Look For

Using high-quality candle supplies, you can make candles to sell, gift, or use at home. Buying the supplies in bulk may help you save money and allow you to get sufficient products for your candle-making project. Here are some places to find wholesale candle supplies and what to look for when purchasing them:

Where To Find Candle Supplies in Bulk

To find wholesale candle supplies, explore online and offline options for suitable products. Here are some places to buy candle supplies in bulk:

Online Wholesale Suppliers

You can purchase candle supplies in bulk from reputed online wholesale suppliers. Find dedicated apothecary companies that offer different candle-making products, like wax, wicks, fragrance oils, and molds. These companies often have a minimum order requirement but provide discounts for bulk purchases. You can find the suppliers by searching online or attending trade shows and industry events. Most online suppliers provide order tracking information, allowing you to monitor the status of your shipments and plan accordingly.

Local Craft Stores

If you prefer to buy in person, you can visit local craft stores in your location. Before committing to a large order, request a sample or purchase a small quantity of materials to test their quality. You can also feel the texture of different waxes, examine the colors and scents of fragrance oils, and assess the suitability of wicks and molds. This approach can help you evaluate whether the supplies meet your expectations. When you have urgent or last-minute candle orders to fulfill, local craft stores can be a reliable resource for quick restocking.

What To Look for When Purchasing Candle Supplies

When purchasing candle-making supplies from online suppliers or local craft stores, there are several factors to consider to help you get the right products. Here’s what to look for when sourcing your supplies in bulk: 

Product Variety

Look for suppliers that offer a wide range of products, including wax, wicks, fragrances, dyes, and molds. You can choose from different waxes, such as soy wax, beeswax, paraffin wax, or palm wax. When selecting wicks for your candles, you can buy cotton tip wicks or natural wood wicks. Pick either liquid dyes or color blocks in various hues for candle dyes or pigments. 

Some suppliers offer fragrance oils, essential oils, or gel fragrance oils to enhance the scent of your candles. You can buy different essential oils, such as cedarwood, mint, sandalwood, lavender, and lemon, to add fragrance to your candles. Candle molds come in many shapes and sizes and can be used to complement your chosen candle scent.


High-quality candle supplies can help you produce superior candles with better scents. Reputable suppliers offer wax, colorants, and fragrance oils with minimal contaminants, additives, or impurities that might affect the quality of your candles. Some suppliers source quality ingredients and supplies from ethical producers around the world. When purchasing materials in bulk, pay attention to the consistency of the materials so you can create a uniform product.

You can conduct quality tests on a small scale before using new materials for large production batches. Scent throw and burn tests on a sample basis can help you determine if the final products meet your standards. Check for USDA Organic or EcoCert certifications in candle ingredients to help you know whether the supplies meet organic industry standards. The American Society for Testing and Materials certification also shows that the candle supplies comply with safety standards.

Bulk Pricing

Determine whether the supplier offers bulk pricing for candle supplies to get volume discounts. Some suppliers provide flexibility in bulk orders, allowing you to customize your order based on your specific needs. This option can be beneficial if you have unique requirements for your candles.

You can select wick sizes, fragrance options, or wax types in quantities that match your production requirements. Bulk purchasing offers a consistent supply of materials during your candle-making project. This can decrease your chances of running out of needed candle supplies, reducing disruptions and downtime. 

Buy Wholesale Candle Supplies

You can find wholesale candle supplies in local craft stores and from trusted online suppliers. With bulk pricing options, you can buy wicks, molds, dyes, fragrances, and wax in quantities that meet your candle-making needs. Some suppliers also offer customized candle labels and packaging for aesthetic appeal and functional purposes. Invest in candle supplies that meet safety and quality standards today.

Originally posted 2023-10-28 07:26:03.