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Go through the following details to know about Spookyourkindle com and Spook Your Kindle Scam.

Did you hear about the Kindle scam? This scam is rising in the United States people, and a number of people are victims of this scam in the nation. Here in the article, we will scrutinize the facts of this viral scam. Let’s read the study about Spookyourkindle com which is a website used in a scam.

What is Spookyourkindle com?

Spookyourkindle.com is a platform that allows authors to publish their work without paying any chargesAuthors may legally publish their works on Amazon using this self-publishing option. Seventy percent of book earnings are retained by writers using the free KDP service. KDP is a reliable platform for self-publishing books and can be highly recommended.

 But if you’re thinking of using Spookyourkindle comthere are a few things you should know. Prior to publishing, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and ensure that the work is well-articulated and revised. It would help if you also exercised perseverance and patience. Building a readership for your works might take some time, and first revenues may be modest. 

Spook Your Kindle Scam– Let’s read the details here-

The number of scammers using the brand Amazon is on the rise, and the kind of business they represent, all of which are ghostwriter scams, has been around for a while.

Spook Your Kindle Scam work in a specific manner. Scammers who provide ghostwriting assistance also strongly advertise it to authors who are interested in self-publishing or looking for solutions related to self-publishing. These scammers also offer revising, layout, publication, advertising structure, and more solutions.

Is Spookyourkindle com Legit?

  • We do not find the domain age of the portal.
  • It is quite possible it will stop its services in 2024.
  • There is no detail about its trust score.
  • We did not find its trust index.
  • Negative client testimonies available.
  • The name of the portal holder is missing.
  • Its threat phishing and malware scores are missing.
  • Spook Your Kindle Scam indicates that this platform does not promote itself on social media.


  • The email address is missing.
  • We did not get its communication details.
  • The portal lacks a physical address.
  • There are no strategies available to publish your work.
  • There is no Alexa ranking gained by this portal.

Spookyourkindle com advantages-

  • It is the best platform for the author to publish their work.
  • It is a renowned platform so that authors can get recognition soon.
  • A number of readers follow this domain.


  • All the necessary strategies are missing from the platform.
  • There is no detail about the contact and its physical address.

Focused on Spook Your Kindle Scam Reviews-

We found that this is a kind of scam and found most of the victim’s views. They stated that the scam is well-drafted and seems genuine, and many of the authors bear huge dollar losses. 

When it comes to fraud, Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s all-you-can-read membership service, is the one victimized by many schemes that promise to pay out large sums of money. Read about –How to avoid Credit Card scams.

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In our study about Spookyourkindle comwe found that it is a scammed website and lacks in many essential information. So, we do not recommend it to authors. Click here. To learn here- How to get a full refund on PayPal If scammed.

Did you ever fall for this kind of scam? Please share your thoughts with us.

Disclaimer: Our intention is only to make people aware of this kind of scammed activity, not to promote it.

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