Is Track718 Scam Or Legit: Check Complete Details On Seguimiento, And España

Streamlined package tracking for 2000+ carriers worldwide! Check Is Track718 Scam or Legit for España orders Seguimiento your shipments, effortlessly monitored, anytime, anywhere.

Welcome to Track718, your ultimate package tracking solution. We simplify global logistics with an easy-to-use platform supporting 2000+ carriers. Track718 helps effortlessly monitor your shipments in real-time for a seamless and reliable tracking experience. Learn more about Is Track718 Scam or Legit for España and the United States orders Seguimiento.

Is Track718 Scam or Legit?

  • Track718 Creation—29th/December/2020 at 12:22:23.
  • Track718 Age—3-years, and 13-days old.
  • Track718 Last updated on—21st/December/2023 at 4:46:37.
  • Track718 Expiry—29th/December/2025 at 12:22:23.
  • Track718 life expectancy—registration expires within 1-year, 11-months, and 19-days.
  • Trust Index—100%↑.
  • Business ranking—85.7%↑.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity—21%↑.
  • Domain Authority—1%↑.
  • Alexa Rank—21,732↑. Currently going up by 5,076↑.
  • Country Rank—3,902↑. Currently going up by 1,129↑.
  • Country of Origin—Shen Zhen Shi, China
  • SSL Status—Its IP has Low-Domain Validated Certificates(DV-SSL) for the next 291-days.
  • Owner’s Identity and Contact—Paid privacy services of Tldregistrarsolutions were used to censor details.

Understanding Track718 Seguimiento:

Track718 is a comprehensive global logistics tracking platform that serves as a one-stop solution for customers, enhancing loyalty and driving additional sales. Supporting over 2000 carriers worldwide, including major names like UPS, FedEx, DHL, and more. 

Understanding Track718 Seguimiento

Track718 offers an easy-to-use logistics package management system. Hence, e-stores that cannot financially afford to display live order tracking status subscribe to Track718 services that only require integration with their logistic database. Track718 supports global trade by connecting entities in the global trade ecosystem, providing personalized trajectory customization services, online data monitoring, and reducing operating costs. 

Track718 Seguimiento services:

Track718 offers APIs for small packages, maritime, air freight, and Starlink box, along with integration services, a help center, and free tools like query widgets and mobile apps. Track718 has a presence on popular online stores such as Shopify, Shopline, Shoplazza, Lazada, Shoptop, and AliExpress. Accessible via, the platform’s integration with various carriers allows users to effortlessly track packages in real-time, regardless of the shipping provider. 


Track718 empowers users with visual tracking, automated mail subscription services, efficient batch queries, comprehensive transportation queries, visualized trajectories, data dashboards, and free query plugins for easy implementation in Track718 España on websites.

Note: Track718 only displays information updated by the carrier, and Track718 is not involved/responsible for delivering your orders! In case of tracking issues, Track718 advises users to ensure the accuracy of the tracking number and check carrier support.


  • Physical Address—Unspecified
  • Company number—3095471, registered in Hong Kong(SAR China) on 22nd/October/2021.
  • Email address— [email protected] and [email protected]; genuine business emails.
  • Contact person—Hedy.
  • Phone number—1(509)975-1817.
  • Newsletters—Not published by Track718.
  • FAQ—Not present on Track718.
  • Traffic—Track718 gained 4.4 million visitors to date from the USA(94.37%), Canada(1.69%), Chile(0.89%), Colombia(0.65%), China(0.54%) and 1.84% from other countries. 

Customer Track718 España Reviews:

Track718 does not support customer reviews on its platform. Click here to learn about PayPal scams, as customers, websites, and YouTube reviews about Track718 were negative, giving it an overall average of 3/5-star ratings. 

However, reviews treated Track718 as a carrier service partner but not as a tracker of order shipment status. It leads to confusion, hurting the credibility of Track718.

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Click here to learn about CreditCard scams, as missing tracking details on Track718 might be due to delays in carrier updates, an incorrect or incomplete tracking number, or the carrier not being supported. Track718 is authentic and answered Is Track718 Scam or Legit. If you didn’t receive your order, but it shows up as delivered on Track718, then it is due to issues/negligence of the carrier’s provided logistic updates.

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