GenAI to help 60% of Asia’s top firms boost worker retention: report

Around 60% of Asia’s top companies will upgrade hardware and software technologies by 2025 to increase worker retention with personalised work experiences and enhanced collaboration, according to a new report by IDC.”By 2026, businesses that link GenAI to smart document handling will discover 20% more ways to use it, boosting productivity, scalability, and delivering better customer experiences,” the IDC report predicted.

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According to the report, generative AI can emerge as a game-changer for organisational advancement across intelligent document processing (IDP), generative automation, and knowledge sharing.

Business teams using code generation copilots will achieve a 70% success rate in streamlining jobs with task/workflow automation, replacing low-code and IT-supported development by 2024.

In 2025, GenAI tools will enable senior leaders to double the productive use of unstructured data by discovering untapped insights and knowledge, driving 20% growth in sustainable business benefits, the report noted.

“The focus on skill development becomes a necessity and a strategic imperative, as GenAI enables personalised development. Simultaneously, the reimagination of workplaces, with digital twins and sustainability stand out as key foci for companies,” said Dr Lily Phan, research director, future of work, IDC Asia/Pacific.

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By 2027, 40% of current job roles will be redefined or eliminated across organisations accelerated by GenAI adoption. Enterprises will leverage personalised technology skills development to drive $1 trillion in productivity gains by 2027, enabled by GenAI and automation everywhere, the report said.