GenAI to assume 30% of traditional marketing’s mundane tasks by 2027: report

Generative AI (GenAI) is likely to assume 30% of traditional marketing‘s mundane tasks by 2027 in the Asia-Pacific region excluding Japan, suggests a new report from IDC.

GenAI will take over jobs like SEO, content and website optimisation, customer data analysis, segmentation, lead scoring, and hyper-personalisation, according to the report.

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About 37.8% of chief marketing officers (CMOs) indicated they have already begun implementing GenAI technologies.

Also, 51% of CMOs highlighted that their top business objective in the next 12 months is to improve lead generation through improved quality of content marketing.

AI will drive greater levels of automation across marketing tasks which will ultimately transform the marketer’s role to leverage greater skillsets, and cross-functional collaboration across teams.

“There will be a clear shift towards marketers expanding their skillets to include capabilities such as storytelling, and data analytics and greater cross-functional collaboration with other teams such as IT, sales, and operations towards the notion of a dream team,” said Lavanya Jindal, research analyst, CX, martech, and value streams at IDC.

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“Generative AI will act as the enabler through greater automation of manual tasks such as SEO, content and website optimisation,” Jindal added. Trying to reduce content ingestion, by 2026, more than 50% of consumers will employ AI through mobile devices to discover, evaluate, and purchase most of the products and services they want, said the report.