Apple’s first Vision Pro ad echoes the original iPhone commercial

Apple just released the first ad for its Vision Pro headset, and if you’re a longtime follower of Apple, you might notice that it has some similarities to the original commercial for the iPhone.

The Vision Pro ad, titled “Get Ready,” features a bunch of clips from movies and TV shows of characters putting on things like goggles, helmets, and masks. I spotted clips from Up!, an Ant-Man movie, Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope, and an Iron Man movie, to name a few. These clips all make it seem cool to put something on over your eyes, which is something Apple is going to have to do to make the Vision Pro a hit.

The general structure harkens back to the first iPhone ad, titled “Hello,” which features a bunch of clips from movies and TV shows of people answering telephones. That was a great ad, and I think the structure works well for the Vision Pro ad, too.

Apple opens up preorders for the Vision Pro on January 19th, and it will officially be available on February 2nd. If you want to try the headset for yourself, Apple is going to offer demos at its retail stores.

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