Activ8 Digital Marketing Scam: Know The Guided Reviews Now!

The Activ8 Digital Marketing Scam has checked its legitimacy and mentioned the website review of a marketing agency platform. 

Have you been scammed by a digital marketing agency for automation work in the retail marketplace? Is the Activ8 marketing agency a legitimate player in the digital field, or is it a scam? The popularity of online platforms has encouraged various players to engage in digital space as marketplace sellers. 

These sellers need the help of digital marketing agencies to complete their automation work on the marketplace. Some South African online users have red-flagged the digital firm on social media sites. Activ8 Digital Marketing Scam has checked the legitimacy of Activ8 agency working in the digital promotional field. 

 Legit Detail of Activ8 Marketing Web Portal?

There are many scams that were reported by social media users in South Africa, having Activ8 in the domain name. These scams were reported by job seekers for the HR consultancy with Activ8 in their brand name. Many social media users have also reported digital marketing scams on sites like Reddit. Activ8 marketing agency is active on the web portal. 

  • The portal was created on 13th January 2020.
  • The trust score of this portal is 94/100.
  • Activ8 Digital Marketing Reviews found the trust index for this portal to be 100%.
  • The website is on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Customer reviews for this digital marketing site are missing. 
  • Content on this site is free of any plagiarism. 
  • The Alexa ranking of this marketing portal is low. 
  • The domain of this portal will expire on 13th January 2024.
  • The company address and contact number are present on the portal.

What is Activ8 Marketing Agency? 

Activ8 Marketing is a digital platform offering advertising and promotional solutions to online retail and similar web portals. The service provided by this agency helps the customer get their work automated on the online marketplace. Activ8 Digital Marketing Scam has listed some of the services delivered by this agency. 

  • Marketing Automation
  • Social and Digital advertising
  • Website Development
  • Media Marketing in digital space
  • Digital Brand Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Reputation Management

Activ8 Agency Website Specifications: 

  • Domain name –
  • Domain age – Three years
  • Website address –
  • Product sold – Digital services
  • Payment method – Debit and Credit cards.
  • Physical address –  101 South Main Street, 110, Rochester, Michigan 48309
  • Shipping policy – Not available
  • Return policy – Not available
  • Email address – [email protected]
  • Contact number- 855.855.5728
  • Newsletter – Available 
  • SSL certificate – Available
  • Proximity to suspicious website – 10/100
  • Alexa ranking – low

Activ8 Digital Marketing Scam pros for Website: 

  • Legit ratings of this website, like trust score and trust index, are high, indicating an authentic website. 
  • This website is three years old, another positive sign of a legit web portal. 
  • This web portal’s contact address and number are available on the site. 
  • Image and text content of this site is free from any plagiarism. 
  • Services provided by this site are beneficial for various online platforms.
  • This website has a well-developed presence on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.
  • The industry served by this website is mentioned on its landing page. 

Activ8 Digital Marketing Scam Cons for Website:

  • Customer reviews for this website are missing on public review sites.
  • The Alexa ranking of this website is low. 
  • The owner’s name is not mentioned on the company website. 
  • Many scams are occurring in the sector served by this website. 
  • The price range for services this company provides is not mentioned on its website. 
  • Activ8 keyword is mentioned by social media users for scams on social sites.  
  • Its content cannot be analyzed by independent websites. 
  • This company’s shipping and refund policies are not mentioned on its website. 

Activ8 Digital Marketing Reviews:

Activ8 has a well-developed presence on social media platforms like Facebook. Its Facebook page is followed by 6.8k followers with 6.9k likes. The customer reviews for this marketing agency are not available on public review sites, but some customers have shared their feedback on its social media page.

Active 8 marketing has got 4.4 ratings on its Facebook page from eleven reviewers. The absence of customer reviews on public review sites creates suspicion in customers’ minds. People seeking credit card refunds from online platforms can click here

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Final verdict: 

Activ8 Digital Marketing Scam team found many scams reported on social sites with Activ8 keywords. These scams are reported mainly by job seekers for a job consultancy firm named Activ8. There are also many scams in the digital marketing sector, but Active 8 agency is a legitimate firm with a presence on social sites. 

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